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The Shree Somnath Temple – 7 KM away from Hotel AnandInn

This is the first among the Twelwe Jyotirlings, since ancient times, Somnath has beena pilgrimage being the confluence of the mythological Saraswati, Hiranya and Kapila, Legend has it that Lord Shiva's Kalbhairav Linga is situated at the Somnath.

It is also surrounded by many other Temples like, Bhaluka Tirth, Geeta Mandir and Shree Saibaba Temple.





The Geeta Mandir – 10 km away from Hotel AnandInn

Triveni Ghat in Somanth is the confluence of three holy rivers namely Kapil, Hiran and a mystical River Saraswathy. It is believed that the rivers flow to the ultimate destination of Sea from here. This symbolizes the human birth, life and death. This is a sacred location for taking dip in the Triveni Sangam. It is believed that the holy bath in the waters at this Ghat offers relief from all curses and ills happened in the whole life. Triveni Ghat has a significant place in Hindu Mythology and Puranas. This ghat was mentioned many places in Puranas and great epics Ramayana and Mahabharata. It is believed that Lord Krishna paid a visit to this holy spot after he was hit by an arrow shot by Jara, a hunter. This is a highly revered place in Somnath.

The Bhaluka Tirth – 4 km away from Hotel AnandInn

Bhaluka Tirtha (Bhalka Teerth) is a holy tirth (pond) in Somnath along Prabhas-Veraval highway. It is believed that this is the place where Lord Krishna was hit by an arrow shot by a hunter known as Jara. Lord Krishna was sitting under a Banyan tree in meditation when the hunter mistook the legs as a dear and shot at. This tirtha is placed at the confluence of three holy rivers including the river Hiran. There is a small temple built under the Banyan tree on the bank of the tirtha with a majestic white idol of Lord Krishna. The pink colored foot of the Krishna and an image of the hunter Jara with folded hands are also seen in the temple.

The Sasan Gir National Park – 32 km away from Hotel AnandInn

The Gir National Park which is also known as the Sasan Gir is a national park that is located in the state of Gujarat. This wildlife sanctuary first came into prominence in the year 1965. This is the only remaining place where one can see pure bred Asiatic lions and they are situated in one of most protected areas of the continent. The national park and its forests are also home to a wide variety of flora and fauna and visiting it is an interesting experience. The lions of Sassan Gir almost went into extinction due to hunting and the first preservation steps were taken by the Nawab of Junagadh There are many water holes where the animals congregate to drink and during the summer season one can see around 300 of them across the length and breadth of the national park. The park is home to around 2375 different species of fauna including mammals, insects, reptiles and birds. Some of the animals that can be seen in the park are lions, leopards, Chinkaras, antelopes, sloth bears, hyenas, jungle cats and the ever elusive rusty spotted cats.

The Porbandar – 130 km away from the Hotel AnandInn

The city of Porbandar is a prominent tourist destination in the Indian state of Gujarat. Porbandar is mainly a coastal city that is well known among tourists, mainly for being Mahatma Gandhi’s birthplace, the man behind India’s independence movement. The city of Porbandar falls under the Porbandar district of Gujarat. There are many interesting places that you can visit while in the city of Porbandar. Among these important tourist destinations, many are temples and other places of religious significance. Porbandar is thus, primarily, a town that caters to many pilgrims. The Sudama Mandir in Porbandar is a must visit destination for all religiously inclined people, and even tourists visit this place to get a feel of the culture in the region.

The Diu – 90 km away from the Hotel Anandlnn

Nagoa beach: is a horseshoe shaped beach with various water sports facilities. A perfect and safe beach to swim and rest in the sunny weather. Napping under palm trees in cool breeze makes the experience memorable. Ghoghla beach: is the largest and gentlest beach of Diu. You can do swimming, sunbathing, parasailing, surfing etc. Chakrateerth beach: although no watersports and other activities are available, you can love the sandy beach. It has a beautiful sunset point and a memorial of Indian battleship INS Khukri which was destroyed by Pakistan in the 1971 war (It was the only Indian ship destroyed by Pakistan in the battle).

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